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Plant Equipment

About plant equipment business

Our equipment such as pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic equipment, piping material, and instrumentation and control systems for power plants and other types of plants has earned high praise for its quality and reliability not just domestically but throughout the world.

Comment from a representative

I believe what’s most important is to understand the customers’ point of view, to search for relevant information that is beneficial to customers, and provide more than what they think is possible. I aim to establish a business that constantly evolves.
Takeshi Fukahori
Section Chief

Product List

Pneumatic, hydraulic and electrically powered equipment
Strainers Cylinders Valves Pumps Heat exchangers
Accumulators Actuators Other equipment
Work equipment
Generators Welders Clamps Precision processing machines Chain blocks
Plumbing and electrical facility materials
Bellows Electric wires Cables Joints Tubes
Couplings Wire netting Slip rings
Electric tools Air tools Hand tools Various expendables
Drivetrain components
Speed reducers Speed increasers Shafts Bearings Motors
Material handling equipment
Elevators Cranes Hoists Conveyors Lever blocks
Wire ropes
Chemical products
Cleaning solutions Lubricants Bonding agents Rust proof agents Heat insulators
Electrical and electronic control equipment
Sensors Transformers Connectors Gyros Control panels
Switchboards Starter panels Communication equipment
Special batteries
Seawater batteries Thermal batteries Marine batteries Lithium batteries  
Machine work Can processing Sheet metal processing Press working Precision machining
Marine vessels
Work boats Lifeboats      
Other products
Measuring equipment Associated devices and tools Testing equipment Software products Household electrical appliances

* We provide a wide array of products that are not listed above.
Rental services are also available. Please contact us for more information.